Ophelia Thinks Harder

by Jean Betts
Opening Night 12 September 2019
Director : Lynne Keen

Ophelia - epitome of goodness, obedience, innocence and frailty - gets a right rollicking and going-over in Jean Betts' reworking of Shakespeare's Hamlet. In this hilarious and cleverly-constructed play, Ophelia becomes an independent, assertive and confident heroine.


Ophelia Rosie Dunn 
Maid Laura Wells 
Hamlet Cheyne Jenkinson 
Polonius Craig Storey 
St Joan Sofie Welvaert 
Horatio Greg Freeman 
Laertes Reuben Hilder 
Queen Helen Fearnley  
Ophelia's Mother Charlotte Hall-Tiernan 
Three Women Craig Storey 
  Greg Freeman 
  Reuben Hilder 
Rosencrantz Sofie Welvaert 
Guildenstern Kay Masters 
The Players Charlotte Hall-Tiernan 
  Craig Storey 
  Reuben Hilder 
  Greg Freeman 
  Moe Stebbings 
King Dave Keen 


Stage Manager Jacinta Burney 
Properties Kay Masters 
Set Design/construction Ray Fleury 
  Don Vialle 
Set Art & Photography Chris Vialle 
Costumes Sofie Welvaert 
  Quentin Francis 
Lighting Design Brian Byas 
Tech Operators Jamie Byas 
  Stephanie Jasperse 
  & team 
Front of House Manager Leanne Byas 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated