Othello (1961)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 1961
Producer: Rosalie Carey
Producer: Patric Carey


Roderigo John Park 
Iago Maurice O'Reilly 
Brabantio Aubrey Stephens 
Othello Ern Joyce 
Cassio David Mitchell 
The Duke of Venice David Delaney 
Dresdemona Heather Douglas 
Emilia Betty Hardie 
Montano Richard Manning 
Bianca Beverley Pollock 
Lodovico Tudor Bostock 
A Gentleman Murray Smart 
Senators John Fairmaid 
  Victor O'Leary 


Stage Management Doreen Ives 
  John Park 
  Patricia Bell 
  Diane Marshall 
  Nancy Egan 
Costumes Ailsa McKinlay 

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