You Never Can Tell

by Bernard Shaw
Opening Night 1971
Production: Patric Carey


Valentine Robert May 
Dolly Clandon Peggy Jowett 
Philip Clandon Michael Stedman 
A Maid Jan Mckenzie 
Mrs Clandon Peggy Durrant 
Gloria Clandon Natalie Ellis 
Mr Fergus Crampton Patric Carey 
Walter William Deane 
Ficnh McComas John Dawson 
Jo Allan Curreri 
Bohun, Q.C. Leslie Coxhead 
Waitresses Jill Davidson 
  Margaret Pollard 


Set Design Betty Duncan 
Stage Management Jill Davidson 
Assistants Jan Mckenzie 
  Lesley Rothwell 
Costumes by Carol Curreri 
  Peggy Stedman 
  Anne Walker 
Lighting Neil Walker 

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