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Charley's Aunt
Season runs from 8th Dec 2016 to 17th Dec 2016

This delightful, farcical comedy of young – and older – love begins with the attempts of Jack and Charley, two Oxford undergraduates, to meet up with the young women, Kitty and Amy, whom they love and hope to marry. The young women do not know this, however, and are shortly to leave town for the long summer holiday so must be persuaded to meet with Jack and Charley very soon. It would not be proper for them to meet the young men alone, according to the conventions of the time, so a chaperone must be found.

Who better than Charley’s aunt, Donna Lucia, a wealthy widow from Brazil (“where the nuts come from…”) who is to arrive in Oxford and come to lunch that day? At the last minute, however, Donna Lucia wires to say that she cannot be there. What to do?

Come along to the Globe for this light-hearted romp and find out!

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Charley's Aunt Opens 8th Dec

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