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A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare
Directed byDale Neill Bookings open, click Here
Opens:Thursday 24th July 2014
Until:Saturday 2nd August 2014
Bookings open:Saturday 28th June 2014
All manner of magical goings on will break loose on the Globe stage on Thursday 24 July when Shakespeare’s most loved comedy begins a nine- performance season. The mortal world of Dukes and Amazons, young lovers, and of a group of ham-acting tradesmen collides with the fairy sphere ruled by King Oberon and Queen Titania. But the fairy monarchs of the forest are having a right royal bust-up, and this sets off a chaotic chain of comic events that has enchanted audiences for over 400 years.
Click here for a list of cast and crew.

Barbara Frame - ODT
Terry MacTavish - Theatreview

The Choice by Claire Luckham
Directed byHelen Fearnley  
Opens:Thursday 25th September 2014
Until:Saturday 4th October 2014
Bookings open:Thursday 11th September 2014
...tells the story of a couple, expecting their first child. They are told, however, that the child will have Down syndrome and must then choose whether to abort or continue the pregnancy. The decision is examined through a writer, who presents a picture of her own warm relationship with her Down syndrome brother, set against the anguish of the couple.
The play offers a moving and sometimes humorous debate that presents both sides of the argument. There is no simple answer and the play does not provide one; rather it raises profound questions about the power of giving life and the responsibilities it confers.


The Globe TheatreThe Globe is where New Zealand's best known poet, James K Baxter, had his first plays produced.

This 'theatre in a house' was created in 1961 by Patric and Rosalie Carey when they extended the living room of their house in London Street into an auditorium, converting it into a small, 30 seat theatre which they called The Globe. This was later modified into the 80 seat theatre which exists today. The Careys were active in promoting both classical and new theatre to Dunedin audiences. The theatre was the first in Australasia, for example, to mount a production of Beckett's Waiting for Godot. At the same time, there were regular performances of works by Shakespeare, Sophocles, Moliere, Ibsen and others.

Rosalie and PatricThe Careys also promoted the works of New Zealand playwrights such as R A K Mason and James K Baxter, both of whom were Burns Fellows at the University of Otago.

The Careys retired in 1973 but the theatre and its traditions continue, under the watchful care of the Incorporated Society known as the Friends of the Globe Theatre.

An audience in the foyerWhile the theatrical environment in Dunedin has changed considerably since the 1960s, the wishes of many people to see and/or participate in amateur theatre which is produced to high standards has not changed. If you too would like to become involved in the workings of this theatre in any capacity, on stage, behind the scenes or simply as an audience member who is given a discount on admission, do consider becoming a member of the Friends of the Globe.

We continuously update our website with information about previous productions and cast and crew. If you have any old programmes or photos, please contact the web wizard for inclusion.